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Welcome to the new garden members of the 2024 season! 

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Capitolo Community Garden

View of Capitolo Community Garden in summer, facing west.
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In the heart of Philadelphia

Located at Tenth and Federal Streets on the northwest corner of the Capitolo Playground, the award-winning Capitolo Community Garden (CCG) was founded in 2009. It is made up of 54 separate, in-ground plots and three raised beds (for those with limited mobility). The membership (open to all via the Waitlist ) includes a diverse and enthusiastic group of gardeners from in and around the neighborhood. It is one of just eighteen community gardens located within a Philadelphia city park.

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Photo credit: Carl Manley/Old Images of Philadelphia


A "lively" Past

A lot has happened here and there's still a lot going on.

Capitolo  Community Garden social event.


Part of the Community

Our garden brings together people as well as plants.

Flowering plants in the common beds of Capitolo Community Garden
Broccoli plant


Supporting Sustainability

We strive to live in harmony with our community and our planet.

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Special thanks to:

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Capitolo Playground Advisory Council


Community Garden Network


Councilmember Mark Squilla


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Views of the Garden

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